My name is Hin-Tai. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have the awesome privilege of being a maths teacher at Michaela Community School, aiming to improve every day, in terms of subject knowledge, subject pedagogy(/mathagogy), and general teaching craft.

I’m fascinated by and blog about education, pedagogy, culture, maths, education systems, and the science of learning. I also blog outside of education here, where I reflect on other interests and how they interplay with my Christian faith.

Ever since I started my training, other teaching blogs have made me a much more thoughtful teacher. I’m blogging as part of a natural next step – so that I actually implement some of the things I constantly read about, and then take some time out to reflect and assess how they are working. Feel free to join me; do share your own wisdom and experience. Contact me and follow me on Twitter here. If you’d prefer to email, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Hin-Tai.
    I am primary school teacher and after reading your blog and visiting your school ( I visited your classroom, too) I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice as I am starting in a new school in September where I will be teaching Maths to all KS2 students.
    Thank you.

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