Craft tweak: Saying ‘pause’ instead of ‘stop’

I’m inspired by this blog post (read it, it’s short and great!), which I read yesterday, and which inspired me to kick start this blog (whose domain I’ve registered for a while), for accountability and self-reflection purposes. (Never thought I’d miss that TF reflective journal…)

Very easy actionable target to implement.

First feedback: this morning P1 with year 7s. I used my usual ‘321’ countdown, including a command to ‘stop talking’, but some students were still chatting at the end.

I suddenly remembered to try this out, so then said ‘Okay I’m going to pause you there year 7s.’ Felt much calmer than my usual technique, which is to call out the names of students who are still talking; and more importantly, all the students actually stopped immediately. One definitely to keep trying. Update to come when I have enough experience to decide whether to incorporate it into daily practice.

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